Branding & pitch deck for TenSlam

Logo and colors for TenSlam
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TenSlam is a tennis app that aims to revolutionize the way tennis enthusiasts connect, compete, and improve their game. As the UX designer for TenSlam, I was tasked with creating a strong brand identity and designing a compelling pitch deck that effectively communicated the app's unique value proposition and potential to investors, stakeholders, and potential users.

Logo and colors for TenSlam
Characteristic elements created for TenSlam as part of branding

The problem

TenSlam needs a strong brand identity created from scratch. Something that will help them drive attention as the new startup, build trust, and stay in customers' memory for a long time. The main idea is, to make the app futuristic and minimalistic at the same time.

The solution

Handpick captivating colors and fonts, craft an eye-catching logo that adapts flawlessly to any device and design alluring templates for social media and email. Once it's done, apply those elements to the pitch deck.

Brand strategy

Working closely with the CEO and the TenSlam team, I immersed myself in the world of tennis, conducting extensive business research to gain a deep understanding of the target audience, competitors, and the unique challenges faced by tennis players. This research formed the foundation for the branding and design decisions that followed.

Competition for TenSlam


Example of TenSlam's fonts and colors

To create a visually appealing and memorable brand identity, I carefully selected colors, fonts, and a logo that resonated with the energy and elegance of the sport. The chosen colors—vibrant shades of blue and green—represented the dynamism of tennis and conveyed a sense of trust and reliability. The logo and modern fonts captured the essence of TenSlam's innovation and professionalism.

Social media templates

To maintain a consistent brand presence across various platforms, I also designed social media and email templates that reflected TenSlam's visual identity. These templates ensured that TenSlam's message remained consistent, whether it was shared through social media campaigns or communicated via email marketing.

Example of facebook post for TenSlam

Pitch deck

Crafting an impactful pitch deck required a strategic approach. I collaborated closely with the CEO to distill the key features, benefits, and market differentiators of TenSlam, ensuring that the deck conveyed a clear and compelling narrative. Understanding the importance of a captivating story, I worked diligently to create concise and persuasive messaging that resonated with the target audience. Each slide was carefully crafted to highlight a specific aspect of the app, addressing pain points, and offering unique solutions. The language was carefully tailored to captivate investors' attention, illustrating the potential for growth and profitability.

1st slide from TenSlam's pitch deck

To ensure the app's usability and effectiveness, we followed an iterative development process. We worked closely with the development team, providing them with clear design specifications and guidelines. As the first features were implemented, we conducted regular user testing sessions, gathering feedback and insights to inform further improvements. This allowed us to identify and address any usability issues and refine the app's overall experience.

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